Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Boost in Confidence

It's crazy what some exercise and determination can do to your day. This morning I went to the gym, and did some laps in the pool to get ready for a swim instructor training I have in a week. At the beginning I was having trouble with getting in a whole lap of front crawl, I kept getting water in my mouth. I had a moment of panic, and had to pause and do breaststroke instead. For a while I just did breaststroke and back crawl. I wasn't sure of myself, front crawl has always been the hardest stroke for me. Finally when I was taking a breather I stared at the other end of the pool and told myself I could get there doing front crawl, I couldn't get worst then a mouthful of water and have to stop for a second, but I WAS going to get to the end. So put my goggles on and took off, and I made it with out stopping! After that my whole day went by great! Just some determination in myself can boost my confidence in my life.
Until next time!

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