Friday, December 26, 2014

Is this Love?

I don't know how to do this. It's all so new for me. Is what I feel love? It's not like the warm bubbly, exhilarating feeling that I've had before, the ones that would vanish almost as quickly as the feelings had come. No this was slow steady, out of no where and against what I was trying to tell myself.
What is true? What my heart is feeling or what my brain is saying? Both are at war with each other.

Brain: "He's not what your looking for, you two wouldn't work!"
Heart: "He will treat you so well. and you love him."
Brain: "You don't love him! You just like it that he makes you feel worth something! You'r going to break his heart leading him on that you love him."
Heart: "You do love him! and he love God, he'd be great for you."
Brain: "You're going to make a mistake and get stuck with the wrong guy!"
Heart: "If you both love God then it'll all work. You've been slamming the door in guys faces before you even give them a chance to see you, and now that a guy has seen through the keyhole and is knocking for you to see him. you try to shut him out like you did with all the others, by saying you won't work."
Brain: "Trust your first instinct! He won't work."
Heart: "You'll never know till you get to know him."
Brain: "Your going to lead him on and break his heart! You don't want to do that to him, he's to good to deserve that!"

Me: "Stop!!"

I need to stop thinking, Just get to know him as a friend, be friends for now.


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